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Ruth Nadin

A fantastic nursery with fantastic staff! My Grandson absolutely loves going

Hayley Mosley

ALL the ladies are absolutely amazing, caring and very understanding!

My son has settled in amazingly and was non verbal and he has 1 on 1 time with his key worker and he is able to speak some words and is progressing amazingly.

HIGHLY recommended!!

Rebecca Turner

What can i say but a superb Nursery and pre school. I have 2 children one in Nursery who started at 9months and has enjoyed going from the moment we started, My other daughter is in the pre school room. Both of mine has loved spending time at Buxton Nursery.

Zoie Campbell

My son has thrived in the short while he has been attending Buxton Nursery. He runs in without saying bye happy to see ‘his ladies’. The staff are kind, helpful and treat every child as an individual. I wouldnt want him to go anywhere else and im so thankful that he attends a nursery he absolutely adores! It really puts my mind at ease.

Ruth Brown

Both of my children went to Buxton Nursery. They each spent two brilliant years there and over that four year period we have become quite attached to the place and the lovely staff who work there. The staff are, without exception, wonderful – they are caring, considerate and go above and beyond to make sure the children are happy and thriving. They worked with us on every level to ensure our kids got the most out of their time there – our son needed speech therapy and was given special one-to-one sessions by a member of staff every week for a year. Our speech therapist said this was very unusual and that we were really lucky he had a place there. We knew this already, of course, but it was really good to hear an expert praising the nursery we have grown to love. Our children came on leaps and bounds in the nursery. Our eldest was very upset when she started, but quickly settled in and my anxieties were always treated with compassion – I would get a call ten minutes after drop off to let me know she was absolutely fine (I could hear her laughing and chattering away happily). My youngest had no problems with drop off, and as soon as he was allowed to go back after lockdown literally ran to the nursery gates and didn’t look back! I could go on and on about how great this nursery is, how brilliant the staff are, how caring they are towards both children and parents, and how much our kids have gained from being there. Thank you everyone at Buxton Nursery – you are truly amazing and we are so grateful to have had you in our lives!

Kerry Gyte

Our daughter has attended Buxton Nursery for over 3 years from age 9 months. It was the best decision for us. From nursery through to pre-school and the transition to primary school, all the staff are loving, professional, consistent, fun, safe and nurturing. My daughter has been excited to go every time and her ladies feel like part of our extended family. Communication and partnership is a great strength of the nursery. The staff always make the time to discuss progress or concerns and work with us on these. They clearly know all the children well and make time for them all. Our daughter has learnt and developed so much over her time here, I can’t praise or recommend this nursery enough.

Jade Grindey

A wonderful, friendly and nurturing setting! Buxton Nursery provides your child with the best possible foundations in early childhood, right from a being a little tot to a confident school leaver. My son has received such high quality care and provision here over the past 3 years and the level of support and attention all staff involved with him have shown has been brilliant. Children feel valued and part of a loving nursery family. Parents are always respected and staff work effectively in partnership with parents to best support individual children’s needs.

Becky Collinson

My son started Buxton Nursery at 12 months old. As I’m sure most parents are, we were nervous about sending him to nursery, until we visited Buxton nursery. We knew immediately it was the right place for him. The staff are incredible. Their knowledge, support and commitment to the children they care for is second to none and as soon as we visited, there was no way we were sending him anywhere else. The progress he has made during his three years there is clear and the stories we hear of nursery show just how much he loves it. We are sad he is leaving to go to school, but are so glad that our younger daughter will have the same wonderful experience. We cannot recommend Buxton Nursery enough.

Nicole twigge

Amazing, wonderful, helpful and caring nursery which im happy noah was apart of.. He Had such great times learning and having fun.. And loved everybody there!

Jade smith

Fabulous nursery. My daughter has been going 4 years. All the ladies are lovely! Never had a problem and have always worked round my work rotas. Love them 🥰

Emma Salmon

Buxton Nursery is an amazing place, my daughter thrived there and my little boy has settled in and is off to an amazing start. The rooms and activities are well organised ,fun and engaging. I love seeing the pictures on tapestry and the descriptions of what he’s been up to. From baking, crafts, bouncing on the trampoline, singing songs and lots more, he always looks like he’s having a fabulous time. What really makes this nursery special is the people. The staff are just the most wonderful bunch of people you could meet. They know the children inside out and go above and beyond to make sure all their needs are met and they are challenged and supported with their development. They are hard working, dedicated, excellent at communication (with big issues but also the small day to day things). They care. About the children, their families, education, procedures and protocols, resources, outdoor learning, being active in the community, each other…and it shines through in everything they do. I can not rate this nursery highly enough, I’ve had and continue to have nothing but positive experiences with them.

Georgia Meek

Both my boys have now attended Buxton nursery my eldest since 2016 and my youngest is currently still attending. My eldest really struggles with new situations and new environments and I had moved him from another nursery to here but he settled in so well thanks to the amazing girls who work here. All the staff go above and beyond and I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for both of my boys. My youngest has been attending since he was 10 months old and he absolutely loves going, he can’t wait to go each morning. He’ll really miss it when he moves upto school next September.

Ranall Pang

My son started Buxton Nursery in the Pre-School room at around 2 3/4 years old. He loved it so much from the get-go that we never had any problems settling him in and he would run off to play as soon as I dropped him off. There are always so many fun activities available to choose from and plenty of opportunities for him to explore his own interests. All of the staff are approachable and happy to take time to have a chat about progress or any concerns. He’ll be leaving in a few weeks to start school at Buxton Infants. Whilst the nursery is a private nursery, independent of the school, they work closely together which means my son is already familiar with the surroundings and the transition will be smooth, even when preceded by this years’ pandemic! Thank you to everyone who has made my son’s nursery experience such an amazing one.

Jo travers muir

It’s really hard to capture in words what a wonderful place Buxton Nursery is. Both my children attended / currently attend and both have thrived in the wonderful, safe and secure environment they provide. They are so child centred and for me this is so important, taking This approach means they can meet the needs of each and every child they have at the setting, rather than attempting to fit children into a system they are flexible and understanding about the needs of children .both my children are very different in there Approach to life and Buxton nursery provided the support they both needed.
Staff are professional and extremely experienced and it is obvious they all care very much about the children in their care.
Buxton is very lucky to have such a setting x


We love Buxton nursery! My eldest has been in the preschool room for 18m and has thrived. From the first settling in session he’s consistently run in the door and had a great time. Even asks to go to nursery at the weekends. My youngest starts in the baby room next week, I’ve been really pleased with the support and settling in sessions during covid.

Demi yates

I sent my daughter to Buxton nursery from the age of 9 months and she was also born 7 weeks prematurely, every single person at Buxton nursery has helped her come on leaps and bounds helped with physio when she needed it and really brought her out of her shell, she is well on target for everything for her age and she loves all the teachers and asks if she can go every day. They have taught her so much and it will be a very sad day when she has to leave for primary school next September I can not thank them enough for the support they have given me through some of kadys more difficult times with links to being premature. I think she would of really struggled if it wasn’t for the kind and caring manor of the nursery school teachers.

Rachel Mohsni

My two daughters have both attended Buxton nursery, my eldest moved into reception last Sept but my youngest is still at nursery. We have used Buxton nursery for childcare since 2017 and have no issues since we started. The setting is well organised and the staff go above and beyond to care for the children each and everyday and really create lasting relationships with both the children and parents. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the staff are always there for any help and support required. The staff get to know the families not just the child (ren) in their care, this makes it feel like an extension of your own family/household and gives a lovely personal touch. The nursery offers an excellent variety of activities for the appropriate age group which are fun but also educational, the staff spend a lot of time organising activities around certain themes and making sure the resources available for the children are both creative and engaging. The facilities provided are great and with the nursery being on school grounds means they have access to some of the schools equipment as well which is an added bonus. I would highly recommend Buxton Nursery to anyone. I have never had any issues and more importantly my children are happy and love attending.

Rebecca Turner

My daughter started nursery last September 2019. Before starting they did little sessions for her originally 6 but my daughter was still unsure I was with my daughter for sessions (she was very clingy to myself) after a few more sessions she started trusting the nursery staff and forming bonds. I felt at ease leaving her. Since starting properly full time my daughter has come on leaps and bonds and it’s lovely to see her now walk in independently and goes playing with other children. This nursery is the best I have been to my other children went to other nursery’s. This nursery is relaxed and always putting the children first it’s a fun safe place to leave my daughter whilst she is also learning.

Beth Taylor

My little girl has thrived at Buxton Nursery & the care she has received has been nothing short of exceptional on all levels. The ladies work tirelessly to provide a safe, caring & stimulating environment. Every single one of the ladies go above & beyond & I can tell the happiness, safety & well being of the children is of the utmost importance. I went to look at most of the Nursery providers in Buxton prior to making my decision & I am so happy I chose here, it’s been the best possible start for her.

Natasha Melville

Both of my children have attended Buxton nursery and the staff are absolutely brilliant. Nothing is too much trouble they have always gone above and beyond to care and support my kids. My children loved going here and made some fantastic memories and friends. Would definitely recommend.

Kevin Rowlands

I am extremely happy with the care my son receives at buxton nursery, I get updates sent directly to my email so I can see what hes been doing. His intelligence, his interactions with others and his social skills have grown exponentially since beginning nursery and I couldn’t be more proud of the boy my son is becoming and I owe a lot of that to Buxton Nursery.

Thank you